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Font Awesome Icons

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Extra Large Icon
Large Icon
Medium Icon
Small Icon
Extra Small Icon
Icon Style With Different Size
Icon Class
fas fa-ad
fas fa-address-book
fas fa-address-card
fas fa-adjust
fas fa-air-freshener
fas fa-align-center
fas fa-align-justify
fas fa-align-left
fas fa-align-right
fas fa-allergies
fas fa-ambulance
fas fa-american-sign-language-interpreting
fas fa-anchor
fas fa-angle-double-down
fas fa-angle-double-left
fas fa-angle-double-right
fas fa-angle-double-up
fas fa-angle-down
fas fa-angle-left
fas fa-angle-right
fas fa-angle-up
fas fa-angry
fas fa-ankh
fas fa-apple-alt
fas fa-archive
fas fa-archway
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-down
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-left
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up
fas fa-arrow-circle-down
fas fa-arrow-circle-left
fas fa-arrow-circle-right
fas fa-arrow-circle-up
fas fa-arrow-down
fas fa-arrow-left
fas fa-arrow-right
fas fa-arrow-up
fas fa-arrows-alt
fas fa-arrows-alt-h
fas fa-arrows-alt-v
fas fa-assistive-listening-systems
fas fa-asterisk
fas fa-at
fas fa-atlas
fas fa-atom
fas fa-audio-description
fas fa-award
fas fa-baby
fas fa-baby-carriage
fas fa-backspace
fas fa-backward
fas fa-bacon
fas fa-balance-scale
fas fa-balance-scale-left
fas fa-balance-scale-right
fas fa-ban
fas fa-band-aid
fas fa-barcode
fas fa-bars
fas fa-baseball-ball
fas fa-basketball-ball
fas fa-bath
fas fa-battery-empty
fas fa-battery-full
fas fa-battery-half
fas fa-battery-quarter
fas fa-battery-three-quarters
fas fa-bed
fas fa-beer
fas fa-bell
fas fa-bell-slash
fas fa-bezier-curve
fas fa-bible
fas fa-bicycle
fas fa-biking
fas fa-binoculars
fas fa-biohazard
fas fa-birthday-cake
fas fa-blender
fas fa-blender-phone
fas fa-blind
fas fa-blog
fas fa-bold
fas fa-bolt
fas fa-bomb
fas fa-bone
fas fa-bong
fas fa-book
fas fa-book-dead
fas fa-book-medical
fas fa-book-open
fas fa-book-reader
fas fa-bookmark
fas fa-border-all
fas fa-border-none
fas fa-border-style
fas fa-bowling-ball
fas fa-box
fas fa-box-open
fas fa-boxes
fas fa-braille
fas fa-brain
fas fa-bread-slice
fas fa-briefcase
fas fa-briefcase-medical
fas fa-broadcast-tower
fas fa-broom
fas fa-brush
fas fa-bug
fas fa-building
fas fa-bullhorn
fas fa-bullseye
fas fa-burn
fas fa-bus
fas fa-bus-alt
fas fa-business-time
fas fa-calculator
fas fa-calendar
fas fa-calendar-alt
fas fa-calendar-check
fas fa-calendar-day
fas fa-calendar-minus
fas fa-calendar-plus
fas fa-calendar-times
fas fa-calendar-week
fas fa-camera
fas fa-camera-retro
fas fa-campground
fas fa-candy-cane
fas fa-cannabis
fas fa-capsules
fas fa-car
fas fa-car-alt
fas fa-car-battery
fas fa-car-crash
fas fa-car-side
fas fa-caret-down
fas fa-caret-left
fas fa-caret-right
fas fa-caret-square-down
fas fa-caret-square-left
fas fa-caret-square-right
fas fa-caret-square-up
fas fa-caret-up
fas fa-carrot
fas fa-cart-arrow-down
fas fa-cart-plus
fas fa-cash-register
fas fa-cat
fas fa-certificate
fas fa-chair
fas fa-chalkboard
fas fa-chalkboard-teacher
fas fa-charging-station
fas fa-chart-area
fas fa-chart-bar
fas fa-chart-line
fas fa-chart-pie
fas fa-check
fas fa-check-circle
fas fa-check-double
fas fa-check-square
fas fa-cheese
fas fa-chess
fas fa-chess-bishop
fas fa-chess-board
fas fa-chess-king
fas fa-chess-knight
fas fa-chess-pawn
fas fa-chess-queen
fas fa-chess-rook
fas fa-chevron-circle-down
fas fa-chevron-circle-left
fas fa-chevron-circle-right
fas fa-chevron-circle-up
fas fa-chevron-down
fas fa-chevron-left
fas fa-chevron-right
fas fa-chevron-up
fas fa-child
fas fa-church
fas fa-circle
fas fa-circle-notch
fas fa-city
fas fa-clinic-medical
fas fa-clipboard
fas fa-clipboard-check
fas fa-clipboard-list
fas fa-clock
fas fa-clone
fas fa-closed-captioning
fas fa-cloud
fas fa-cloud-download-alt
fas fa-cloud-meatball
fas fa-cloud-moon
fas fa-cloud-moon-rain
fas fa-cloud-rain
fas fa-cloud-showers-heavy
fas fa-cloud-sun
fas fa-cloud-sun-rain
fas fa-cloud-upload-alt
fas fa-cocktail
fas fa-code
fas fa-code-branch
fas fa-coffee
fas fa-cog
fas fa-cogs
fas fa-coins
fas fa-columns
fas fa-comment
fas fa-comment-alt
fas fa-comment-dollar
fas fa-comment-dots
fas fa-comment-medical
fas fa-comment-slash
fas fa-comments
fas fa-comments-dollar
fas fa-compact-disc
fas fa-compass
fas fa-compress
fas fa-compress-arrows-alt
fas fa-concierge-bell
fas fa-cookie
fas fa-cookie-bite
fas fa-copy
fas fa-copyright
fas fa-couch
fas fa-credit-card
fas fa-crop
fas fa-crop-alt
fas fa-cross
fas fa-crosshairs
fas fa-crow
fas fa-crown
fas fa-crutch
fas fa-cube
fas fa-cubes
fas fa-cut
fas fa-database
fas fa-deaf
fas fa-democrat
fas fa-desktop
fas fa-dharmachakra
fas fa-diagnoses
fas fa-dice
fas fa-dice-d20
fas fa-dice-d6
fas fa-dice-five
fas fa-dice-four
fas fa-dice-one
fas fa-dice-six
fas fa-dice-three
fas fa-dice-two
fas fa-digital-tachograph
fas fa-directions
fas fa-divide
fas fa-dizzy
fas fa-dna
fas fa-dog
fas fa-dollar-sign
fas fa-dolly
fas fa-dolly-flatbed
fas fa-donate
fas fa-door-closed
fas fa-door-open
fas fa-dot-circle
fas fa-dove
fas fa-download
fas fa-drafting-compass
fas fa-dragon
fas fa-draw-polygon
fas fa-drum
fas fa-drum-steelpan
fas fa-drumstick-bite
fas fa-dumbbell
fas fa-dumpster
fas fa-dumpster-fire
fas fa-dungeon
fas fa-edit
fas fa-egg
fas fa-eject
fas fa-ellipsis-h
fas fa-ellipsis-v
fas fa-envelope
fas fa-envelope-open
fas fa-envelope-open-text
fas fa-envelope-square
fas fa-equals
fas fa-eraser
fas fa-ethernet
fas fa-euro-sign
fas fa-exchange-alt
fas fa-exclamation
fas fa-exclamation-circle
fas fa-exclamation-triangle
fas fa-expand
fas fa-expand-arrows-alt
fas fa-external-link-alt
fas fa-external-link-square-alt
fas fa-eye
fas fa-eye-dropper
fas fa-eye-slash
fas fa-fan
fas fa-fast-backward
fas fa-fast-forward
fas fa-fax
fas fa-feather
fas fa-feather-alt
fas fa-female
fas fa-fighter-jet
fas fa-file
fas fa-file-alt
fas fa-file-archive
fas fa-file-audio
fas fa-file-code
fas fa-file-contract
fas fa-file-csv
fas fa-file-download
fas fa-file-excel
fas fa-file-export
fas fa-file-image
fas fa-file-import
fas fa-file-invoice
fas fa-file-invoice-dollar
fas fa-file-medical
fas fa-file-medical-alt
fas fa-file-pdf
fas fa-file-powerpoint
fas fa-file-prescription
fas fa-file-signature
fas fa-file-upload
fas fa-file-video
fas fa-file-word
fas fa-fill
fas fa-fill-drip
fas fa-film
fas fa-filter
fas fa-fingerprint
fas fa-fire
fas fa-fire-alt
fas fa-fire-extinguisher
fas fa-first-aid
fas fa-fish
fas fa-fist-raised
fas fa-flag
fas fa-flag-checkered
fas fa-flag-usa
fas fa-flask
fas fa-flushed
fas fa-folder
fas fa-folder-minus
fas fa-folder-open
fas fa-folder-plus
fas fa-font
fas fa-football-ball
fas fa-forward
fas fa-frog
fas fa-frown
fas fa-frown-open
fas fa-funnel-dollar
fas fa-futbol
fas fa-gamepad
fas fa-gas-pump
fas fa-gavel
fas fa-gem
fas fa-genderless
fas fa-ghost
fas fa-gift
fas fa-gifts
fas fa-glass-cheers
fas fa-glass-martini
fas fa-glass-martini-alt
fas fa-glass-whiskey
fas fa-glasses
fas fa-globe
fas fa-globe-africa
fas fa-globe-americas
fas fa-globe-asia
fas fa-globe-europe
fas fa-golf-ball
fas fa-gopuram
fas fa-graduation-cap
fas fa-greater-than
fas fa-greater-than-equal
fas fa-grimace
fas fa-grin
fas fa-grin-alt
fas fa-grin-beam
fas fa-grin-beam-sweat
fas fa-grin-hearts
fas fa-grin-squint
fas fa-grin-squint-tears
fas fa-grin-stars
fas fa-grin-tears
fas fa-grin-tongue
fas fa-grin-tongue-squint
fas fa-grin-tongue-wink
fas fa-grin-wink
fas fa-grip-horizontal
fas fa-grip-lines
fas fa-grip-lines-vertical
fas fa-grip-vertical
fas fa-guitar
fas fa-h-square
fas fa-hamburger
fas fa-hammer
fas fa-hamsa
fas fa-hand-holding
fas fa-hand-holding-heart
fas fa-hand-holding-usd
fas fa-hand-lizard
fas fa-hand-middle-finger
fas fa-hand-paper
fas fa-hand-peace
fas fa-hand-point-down
fas fa-hand-point-left
fas fa-hand-point-right
fas fa-hand-point-up
fas fa-hand-pointer
fas fa-hand-rock
fas fa-hand-scissors
fas fa-hand-spock
fas fa-hands
fas fa-hands-helping
fas fa-handshake
fas fa-hanukiah
fas fa-hard-hat
fas fa-hashtag
fas fa-hat-cowboy
fas fa-hat-cowboy-side
fas fa-hat-wizard
fas fa-haykal
fas fa-hdd
fas fa-heading
fas fa-headphones
fas fa-headphones-alt
fas fa-headset
fas fa-heart
fas fa-heart-broken
fas fa-heartbeat
fas fa-helicopter
fas fa-highlighter
fas fa-hiking
fas fa-hippo
fas fa-history
fas fa-hockey-puck
fas fa-holly-berry
fas fa-home
fas fa-horse
fas fa-horse-head
fas fa-hospital
fas fa-hospital-alt
fas fa-hospital-symbol
fas fa-hot-tub
fas fa-hotdog
fas fa-hotel
fas fa-hourglass
fas fa-hourglass-end
fas fa-hourglass-half
fas fa-hourglass-start
fas fa-house-damage
fas fa-hryvnia
fas fa-i-cursor
fas fa-ice-cream
fas fa-icicles
fas fa-icons
fas fa-id-badge
fas fa-id-card
fas fa-id-card-alt
fas fa-igloo
fas fa-image
fas fa-images
fas fa-inbox
fas fa-indent
fas fa-industry
fas fa-infinity
fas fa-info
fas fa-info-circle
fas fa-italic
fas fa-jedi
fas fa-joint
fas fa-journal-whills
fas fa-kaaba
fas fa-key
fas fa-keyboard
fas fa-khanda
fas fa-kiss
fas fa-kiss-beam
fas fa-kiss-wink-heart
fas fa-kiwi-bird
fas fa-landmark
fas fa-language
fas fa-laptop
fas fa-laptop-code
fas fa-laptop-medical
fas fa-laugh
fas fa-laugh-beam
fas fa-laugh-squint
fas fa-laugh-wink
fas fa-layer-group
fas fa-leaf
fas fa-lemon
fas fa-less-than
fas fa-less-than-equal
fas fa-level-down-alt
fas fa-level-up-alt
fas fa-life-ring
fas fa-lightbulb
fas fa-link
fas fa-lira-sign
fas fa-list
fas fa-list-alt
fas fa-list-ol
fas fa-list-ul
fas fa-location-arrow
fas fa-lock
fas fa-lock-open
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-down
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-left
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-right
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-up
fas fa-low-vision
fas fa-luggage-cart
fas fa-magic
fas fa-magnet
fas fa-mail-bulk
fas fa-male
fas fa-map
fas fa-map-marked
fas fa-map-marked-alt
fas fa-map-marker
fas fa-map-marker-alt
fas fa-map-pin
fas fa-map-signs
fas fa-marker
fas fa-mars
fas fa-mars-double
fas fa-mars-stroke
fas fa-mars-stroke-h
fas fa-mars-stroke-v
fas fa-mask
fas fa-medal
fas fa-medkit
fas fa-meh
fas fa-meh-blank
fas fa-meh-rolling-eyes
fas fa-memory
fas fa-menorah
fas fa-mercury
fas fa-meteor
fas fa-microchip
fas fa-microphone
fas fa-microphone-alt
fas fa-microphone-alt-slash
fas fa-microphone-slash
fas fa-microscope
fas fa-minus
fas fa-minus-circle
fas fa-minus-square
fas fa-mitten
fas fa-mobile
fas fa-mobile-alt
fas fa-money-bill
fas fa-money-bill-alt
fas fa-money-bill-wave
fas fa-money-bill-wave-alt
fas fa-money-check
fas fa-money-check-alt
fas fa-monument
fas fa-moon
fas fa-mortar-pestle
fas fa-mosque
fas fa-motorcycle
fas fa-mountain
fas fa-mouse
fas fa-mouse-pointer
fas fa-mug-hot
fas fa-music
fas fa-network-wired
fas fa-neuter
fas fa-newspaper
fas fa-not-equal
fas fa-notes-medical
fas fa-object-group
fas fa-object-ungroup
fas fa-oil-can
fas fa-om
fas fa-otter
fas fa-outdent
fas fa-pager
fas fa-paint-brush
fas fa-paint-roller
fas fa-palette
fas fa-pallet
fas fa-paper-plane
fas fa-paperclip
fas fa-parachute-box
fas fa-paragraph
fas fa-parking
fas fa-passport
fas fa-pastafarianism
fas fa-paste
fas fa-pause
fas fa-pause-circle
fas fa-paw
fas fa-peace
fas fa-pen
fas fa-pen-alt
fas fa-pen-fancy
fas fa-pen-nib
fas fa-pen-square
fas fa-pencil-alt
fas fa-pencil-ruler
fas fa-people-carry
fas fa-pepper-hot
fas fa-percent
fas fa-percentage
fas fa-person-booth
fas fa-phone
fas fa-phone-alt
fas fa-phone-slash
fas fa-phone-square
fas fa-phone-square-alt
fas fa-phone-volume
fas fa-photo-video
fas fa-piggy-bank
fas fa-pills
fas fa-pizza-slice
fas fa-place-of-worship
fas fa-plane
fas fa-plane-arrival
fas fa-plane-departure
fas fa-play
fas fa-play-circle
fas fa-plug
fas fa-plus
fas fa-plus-circle
fas fa-plus-square
fas fa-podcast
fas fa-poll
fas fa-poll-h
fas fa-poo
fas fa-poo-storm
fas fa-poop
fas fa-portrait
fas fa-pound-sign
fas fa-power-off
fas fa-pray
fas fa-praying-hands
fas fa-prescription
fas fa-prescription-bottle
fas fa-prescription-bottle-alt
fas fa-print
fas fa-procedures
fas fa-project-diagram
fas fa-puzzle-piece
fas fa-qrcode
fas fa-question
fas fa-question-circle
fas fa-quidditch
fas fa-quote-left
fas fa-quote-right
fas fa-quran
fas fa-radiation
fas fa-radiation-alt
fas fa-rainbow
fas fa-random
fas fa-receipt
fas fa-record-vinyl
fas fa-recycle
fas fa-redo
fas fa-redo-alt
fas fa-registered
fas fa-remove-format
fas fa-reply
fas fa-reply-all
fas fa-republican
fas fa-restroom
fas fa-retweet
fas fa-ribbon
fas fa-ring
fas fa-road
fas fa-robot
fas fa-rocket
fas fa-route
fas fa-rss
fas fa-rss-square
fas fa-ruble-sign
fas fa-ruler
fas fa-ruler-combined
fas fa-ruler-horizontal
fas fa-ruler-vertical
fas fa-running
fas fa-rupee-sign
fas fa-sad-cry
fas fa-sad-tear
fas fa-satellite
fas fa-satellite-dish
fas fa-save
fas fa-school
fas fa-screwdriver
fas fa-scroll
fas fa-sd-card
fas fa-search
fas fa-search-dollar
fas fa-search-location
fas fa-search-minus
fas fa-search-plus
fas fa-seedling
fas fa-server
fas fa-shapes
fas fa-share
fas fa-share-alt
fas fa-share-alt-square
fas fa-share-square
fas fa-shekel-sign
fas fa-shield-alt
fas fa-ship
fas fa-shipping-fast
fas fa-shoe-prints
fas fa-shopping-bag
fas fa-shopping-basket
fas fa-shopping-cart
fas fa-shower
fas fa-shuttle-van
fas fa-sign
fas fa-sign-in-alt
fas fa-sign-language
fas fa-sign-out-alt
fas fa-signal
fas fa-signature
fas fa-sim-card
fas fa-sitemap
fas fa-skating
fas fa-skiing
fas fa-skiing-nordic
fas fa-skull
fas fa-skull-crossbones
fas fa-slash
fas fa-sleigh
fas fa-sliders-h
fas fa-smile
fas fa-smile-beam
fas fa-smile-wink
fas fa-smog
fas fa-smoking
fas fa-smoking-ban
fas fa-sms
fas fa-snowboarding
fas fa-snowflake
fas fa-snowman
fas fa-snowplow
fas fa-socks
fas fa-solar-panel
fas fa-sort
fas fa-sort-alpha-down
fas fa-sort-alpha-down-alt
fas fa-sort-alpha-up
fas fa-sort-alpha-up-alt
fas fa-sort-amount-down
fas fa-sort-amount-down-alt
fas fa-sort-amount-up
fas fa-sort-amount-up-alt
fas fa-sort-down
fas fa-sort-numeric-down
fas fa-sort-numeric-down-alt
fas fa-sort-numeric-up
fas fa-sort-numeric-up-alt
fas fa-sort-up
fas fa-spa
fas fa-space-shuttle
fas fa-spell-check
fas fa-spider
fas fa-spinner
fas fa-splotch
fas fa-spray-can
fas fa-square
fas fa-square-full
fas fa-square-root-alt
fas fa-stamp
fas fa-star
fas fa-star-and-crescent
fas fa-star-half
fas fa-star-half-alt
fas fa-star-of-david
fas fa-star-of-life
fas fa-step-backward
fas fa-step-forward
fas fa-stethoscope
fas fa-sticky-note
fas fa-stop
fas fa-stop-circle
fas fa-stopwatch
fas fa-store
fas fa-store-alt
fas fa-stream
fas fa-street-view
fas fa-strikethrough
fas fa-stroopwafel
fas fa-subscript
fas fa-subway
fas fa-suitcase
fas fa-suitcase-rolling
fas fa-sun
fas fa-superscript
fas fa-surprise
fas fa-swatchbook
fas fa-swimmer
fas fa-swimming-pool
fas fa-synagogue
fas fa-sync
fas fa-sync-alt
fas fa-syringe
fas fa-table
fas fa-table-tennis
fas fa-tablet
fas fa-tablet-alt
fas fa-tablets
fas fa-tachometer-alt
fas fa-tag
fas fa-tags
fas fa-tape
fas fa-tasks
fas fa-taxi
fas fa-teeth
fas fa-teeth-open
fas fa-temperature-high
fas fa-temperature-low
fas fa-tenge
fas fa-terminal
fas fa-text-height
fas fa-text-width
fas fa-th
fas fa-th-large
fas fa-th-list
fas fa-theater-masks
fas fa-thermometer
fas fa-thermometer-empty
fas fa-thermometer-full
fas fa-thermometer-half
fas fa-thermometer-quarter
fas fa-thermometer-three-quarters
fas fa-thumbs-down
fas fa-thumbs-up
fas fa-thumbtack
fas fa-ticket-alt
fas fa-times
fas fa-times-circle
fas fa-tint
fas fa-tint-slash
fas fa-tired
fas fa-toggle-off
fas fa-toggle-on
fas fa-toilet
fas fa-toilet-paper
fas fa-toolbox
fas fa-tools
fas fa-tooth
fas fa-torah
fas fa-torii-gate
fas fa-tractor
fas fa-trademark
fas fa-traffic-light
fas fa-train
fas fa-tram
fas fa-transgender
fas fa-transgender-alt
fas fa-trash
fas fa-trash-alt
fas fa-trash-restore
fas fa-trash-restore-alt
fas fa-tree
fas fa-trophy
fas fa-truck
fas fa-truck-loading
fas fa-truck-monster
fas fa-truck-moving
fas fa-truck-pickup
fas fa-tshirt
fas fa-tty
fas fa-tv
fas fa-umbrella
fas fa-umbrella-beach
fas fa-underline
fas fa-undo
fas fa-undo-alt
fas fa-universal-access
fas fa-university
fas fa-unlink
fas fa-unlock
fas fa-unlock-alt
fas fa-upload
fas fa-user
fas fa-user-alt
fas fa-user-alt-slash
fas fa-user-astronaut
fas fa-user-check
fas fa-user-circle
fas fa-user-clock
fas fa-user-cog
fas fa-user-edit
fas fa-user-friends
fas fa-user-graduate
fas fa-user-injured
fas fa-user-lock
fas fa-user-md
fas fa-user-minus
fas fa-user-ninja
fas fa-user-nurse
fas fa-user-plus
fas fa-user-secret
fas fa-user-shield
fas fa-user-slash
fas fa-user-tag
fas fa-user-tie
fas fa-user-times
fas fa-users
fas fa-users-cog
fas fa-utensil-spoon
fas fa-utensils
fas fa-vector-square
fas fa-venus
fas fa-venus-double
fas fa-venus-mars
fas fa-vial
fas fa-vials
fas fa-video
fas fa-video-slash
fas fa-vihara
fas fa-voicemail
fas fa-volleyball-ball
fas fa-volume-down
fas fa-volume-mute
fas fa-volume-off
fas fa-volume-up
fas fa-vote-yea
fas fa-vr-cardboard
fas fa-walking
fas fa-wallet
fas fa-warehouse
fas fa-water
fas fa-wave-square
fas fa-weight
fas fa-weight-hanging
fas fa-wheelchair
fas fa-wifi
fas fa-wind
fas fa-window-close
fas fa-window-maximize
fas fa-window-minimize
fas fa-window-restore
fas fa-wine-bottle
fas fa-wine-glass
fas fa-wine-glass-alt
fas fa-won-sign
fas fa-wrench
fas fa-x-ray
fas fa-yen-sign
fas fa-yin-yang
far fa-address-book
far fa-address-card
far fa-angry
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-down
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-left
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-right
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-up
far fa-bell
far fa-bell-slash
far fa-bookmark
far fa-building
far fa-calendar
far fa-calendar-alt
far fa-calendar-check
far fa-calendar-minus
far fa-calendar-plus
far fa-calendar-times
far fa-caret-square-down
far fa-caret-square-left
far fa-caret-square-right
far fa-caret-square-up
far fa-chart-bar
far fa-check-circle
far fa-check-square
far fa-circle
far fa-clipboard
far fa-clock
far fa-clone
far fa-closed-captioning
far fa-comment
far fa-comment-alt
far fa-comment-dots
far fa-comments
far fa-compass
far fa-copy
far fa-copyright
far fa-credit-card
far fa-dizzy
far fa-dot-circle
far fa-edit
far fa-envelope
far fa-envelope-open
far fa-eye
far fa-eye-slash
far fa-file
far fa-file-alt
far fa-file-archive
far fa-file-audio
far fa-file-code
far fa-file-excel
far fa-file-image
far fa-file-pdf
far fa-file-powerpoint
far fa-file-video
far fa-file-word
far fa-flag
far fa-flushed
far fa-folder
far fa-folder-open
far fa-frown
far fa-frown-open
far fa-futbol
far fa-gem
far fa-grimace
far fa-grin
far fa-grin-alt
far fa-grin-beam
far fa-grin-beam-sweat
far fa-grin-hearts
far fa-grin-squint
far fa-grin-squint-tears
far fa-grin-stars
far fa-grin-tears
far fa-grin-tongue
far fa-grin-tongue-squint
far fa-grin-tongue-wink
far fa-grin-wink
far fa-hand-lizard
far fa-hand-paper
far fa-hand-peace
far fa-hand-point-down
far fa-hand-point-left
far fa-hand-point-right
far fa-hand-point-up
far fa-hand-pointer
far fa-hand-rock
far fa-hand-scissors
far fa-hand-spock
far fa-handshake
far fa-hdd
far fa-heart
far fa-hospital
far fa-hourglass
far fa-id-badge
far fa-id-card
far fa-image
far fa-images
far fa-keyboard
far fa-kiss
far fa-kiss-beam
far fa-kiss-wink-heart
far fa-laugh
far fa-laugh-beam
far fa-laugh-squint
far fa-laugh-wink
far fa-lemon
far fa-life-ring
far fa-lightbulb
far fa-list-alt
far fa-map
far fa-meh
far fa-meh-blank
far fa-meh-rolling-eyes
far fa-minus-square
far fa-money-bill-alt
far fa-moon
far fa-newspaper
far fa-object-group
far fa-object-ungroup
far fa-paper-plane
far fa-pause-circle
far fa-play-circle
far fa-plus-square
far fa-question-circle
far fa-registered
far fa-sad-cry
far fa-sad-tear
far fa-save
far fa-share-square
far fa-smile
far fa-smile-beam
far fa-smile-wink
far fa-snowflake
far fa-square
far fa-star
far fa-star-half
far fa-sticky-note
far fa-stop-circle
far fa-sun
far fa-surprise
far fa-thumbs-down
far fa-thumbs-up
far fa-times-circle
far fa-tired
far fa-trash-alt
far fa-user
far fa-user-circle
far fa-window-close
far fa-window-maximize
far fa-window-minimize
far fa-window-restore
fab fa-500px
fab fa-accessible-icon
fab fa-accusoft
fab fa-acquisitions-incorporated
fab fa-adn
fab fa-adobe
fab fa-adversal
fab fa-affiliatetheme
fab fa-airbnb
fab fa-algolia
fab fa-alipay
fab fa-amazon
fab fa-amazon-pay
fab fa-amilia
fab fa-android
fab fa-angellist
fab fa-angrycreative
fab fa-angular
fab fa-app-store
fab fa-app-store-ios
fab fa-apper
fab fa-apple
fab fa-apple-pay
fab fa-artstation
fab fa-asymmetrik
fab fa-atlassian
fab fa-audible
fab fa-autoprefixer
fab fa-avianex
fab fa-aviato
fab fa-aws
fab fa-bandcamp
fab fa-battle-net
fab fa-behance
fab fa-behance-square
fab fa-bimobject
fab fa-bitbucket
fab fa-bitcoin
fab fa-bity
fab fa-black-tie
fab fa-blackberry
fab fa-blogger
fab fa-blogger-b
fab fa-bluetooth
fab fa-bluetooth-b
fab fa-bootstrap
fab fa-btc
fab fa-buffer
fab fa-buromobelexperte
fab fa-buy-n-large
fab fa-buysellads
fab fa-canadian-maple-leaf
fab fa-cc-amazon-pay
fab fa-cc-amex
fab fa-cc-apple-pay
fab fa-cc-diners-club
fab fa-cc-discover
fab fa-cc-jcb
fab fa-cc-mastercard
fab fa-cc-paypal
fab fa-cc-stripe
fab fa-cc-visa
fab fa-centercode
fab fa-centos
fab fa-chrome
fab fa-chromecast
fab fa-cloudscale
fab fa-cloudsmith
fab fa-cloudversify
fab fa-codepen
fab fa-codiepie
fab fa-confluence
fab fa-connectdevelop
fab fa-contao
fab fa-cotton-bureau
fab fa-cpanel
fab fa-creative-commons
fab fa-creative-commons-by
fab fa-creative-commons-nc
fab fa-creative-commons-nc-eu
fab fa-creative-commons-nc-jp
fab fa-creative-commons-nd
fab fa-creative-commons-pd
fab fa-creative-commons-pd-alt
fab fa-creative-commons-remix
fab fa-creative-commons-sa
fab fa-creative-commons-sampling
fab fa-creative-commons-sampling-plus
fab fa-creative-commons-share
fab fa-creative-commons-zero
fab fa-critical-role
fab fa-css3
fab fa-css3-alt
fab fa-cuttlefish
fab fa-d-and-d
fab fa-d-and-d-beyond
fab fa-dashcube
fab fa-delicious
fab fa-deploydog
fab fa-deskpro
fab fa-dev
fab fa-deviantart
fab fa-dhl
fab fa-diaspora
fab fa-digg
fab fa-digital-ocean
fab fa-discord
fab fa-discourse
fab fa-dochub
fab fa-docker
fab fa-draft2digital
fab fa-dribbble
fab fa-dribbble-square
fab fa-dropbox
fab fa-drupal
fab fa-dyalog
fab fa-earlybirds
fab fa-ebay
fab fa-edge
fab fa-elementor
fab fa-ello
fab fa-ember
fab fa-empire
fab fa-envira
fab fa-erlang
fab fa-ethereum
fab fa-etsy
fab fa-evernote
fab fa-expeditedssl
fab fa-facebook
fab fa-facebook-f
fab fa-facebook-messenger
fab fa-facebook-square
fab fa-fantasy-flight-games
fab fa-fedex
fab fa-fedora
fab fa-figma
fab fa-firefox
fab fa-first-order
fab fa-first-order-alt
fab fa-firstdraft
fab fa-flickr
fab fa-flipboard
fab fa-fly
fab fa-font-awesome
fab fa-font-awesome-alt
fab fa-font-awesome-flag
fab fa-fonticons
fab fa-fonticons-fi
fab fa-fort-awesome
fab fa-fort-awesome-alt
fab fa-forumbee
fab fa-foursquare
fab fa-free-code-camp
fab fa-freebsd
fab fa-fulcrum
fab fa-galactic-republic
fab fa-galactic-senate
fab fa-get-pocket
fab fa-gg
fab fa-gg-circle
fab fa-git
fab fa-git-alt
fab fa-git-square
fab fa-github
fab fa-github-alt
fab fa-github-square
fab fa-gitkraken
fab fa-gitlab
fab fa-gitter
fab fa-glide
fab fa-glide-g
fab fa-gofore
fab fa-goodreads
fab fa-goodreads-g
fab fa-google
fab fa-google-drive
fab fa-google-play
fab fa-google-plus
fab fa-google-plus-g
fab fa-google-plus-square
fab fa-google-wallet
fab fa-gratipay
fab fa-grav
fab fa-gripfire
fab fa-grunt
fab fa-gulp
fab fa-hacker-news
fab fa-hacker-news-square
fab fa-hackerrank
fab fa-hips
fab fa-hire-a-helper
fab fa-hooli
fab fa-hornbill
fab fa-hotjar
fab fa-houzz
fab fa-html5
fab fa-hubspot
fab fa-imdb
fab fa-instagram
fab fa-intercom
fab fa-internet-explorer
fab fa-invision
fab fa-ioxhost
fab fa-itch-io
fab fa-itunes
fab fa-itunes-note
fab fa-java
fab fa-jedi-order
fab fa-jenkins
fab fa-jira
fab fa-joget
fab fa-joomla
fab fa-js
fab fa-js-square
fab fa-jsfiddle
fab fa-kaggle
fab fa-keybase
fab fa-keycdn
fab fa-kickstarter
fab fa-kickstarter-k
fab fa-korvue
fab fa-laravel
fab fa-lastfm
fab fa-lastfm-square
fab fa-leanpub
fab fa-less
fab fa-line
fab fa-linkedin
fab fa-linkedin-in
fab fa-linode
fab fa-linux
fab fa-lyft
fab fa-magento
fab fa-mailchimp
fab fa-mandalorian
fab fa-markdown
fab fa-mastodon
fab fa-maxcdn
fab fa-mdb
fab fa-medapps
fab fa-medium
fab fa-medium-m
fab fa-medrt
fab fa-meetup
fab fa-megaport
fab fa-mendeley
fab fa-microsoft
fab fa-mix
fab fa-mixcloud
fab fa-mizuni
fab fa-modx
fab fa-monero
fab fa-napster
fab fa-neos
fab fa-nimblr
fab fa-node
fab fa-node-js
fab fa-npm
fab fa-ns8
fab fa-nutritionix
fab fa-odnoklassniki
fab fa-odnoklassniki-square
fab fa-old-republic
fab fa-opencart
fab fa-openid
fab fa-opera
fab fa-optin-monster
fab fa-orcid
fab fa-osi
fab fa-page4
fab fa-pagelines
fab fa-palfed
fab fa-patreon
fab fa-paypal
fab fa-penny-arcade
fab fa-periscope
fab fa-phabricator
fab fa-phoenix-framework
fab fa-phoenix-squadron
fab fa-php
fab fa-pied-piper
fab fa-pied-piper-alt
fab fa-pied-piper-hat
fab fa-pied-piper-pp
fab fa-pinterest
fab fa-pinterest-p
fab fa-pinterest-square
fab fa-playstation
fab fa-product-hunt
fab fa-pushed
fab fa-python
fab fa-qq
fab fa-quinscape
fab fa-quora
fab fa-r-project
fab fa-raspberry-pi
fab fa-ravelry
fab fa-react
fab fa-reacteurope
fab fa-readme
fab fa-rebel
fab fa-red-river
fab fa-reddit
fab fa-reddit-alien
fab fa-reddit-square
fab fa-redhat
fab fa-renren
fab fa-replyd
fab fa-researchgate
fab fa-resolving
fab fa-rev
fab fa-rocketchat
fab fa-rockrms
fab fa-safari
fab fa-salesforce
fab fa-sass
fab fa-schlix
fab fa-scribd
fab fa-searchengin
fab fa-sellcast
fab fa-sellsy
fab fa-servicestack
fab fa-shirtsinbulk
fab fa-shopware
fab fa-simplybuilt
fab fa-sistrix
fab fa-sith
fab fa-sketch
fab fa-skyatlas
fab fa-skype
fab fa-slack
fab fa-slack-hash
fab fa-slideshare
fab fa-snapchat
fab fa-snapchat-ghost
fab fa-snapchat-square
fab fa-soundcloud
fab fa-sourcetree
fab fa-speakap
fab fa-speaker-deck
fab fa-spotify
fab fa-squarespace
fab fa-stack-exchange
fab fa-stack-overflow
fab fa-stackpath
fab fa-staylinked
fab fa-steam
fab fa-steam-square
fab fa-steam-symbol
fab fa-sticker-mule
fab fa-strava
fab fa-stripe
fab fa-stripe-s
fab fa-studiovinari
fab fa-stumbleupon
fab fa-stumbleupon-circle
fab fa-superpowers
fab fa-supple
fab fa-suse
fab fa-swift
fab fa-symfony
fab fa-teamspeak
fab fa-telegram
fab fa-telegram-plane
fab fa-tencent-weibo
fab fa-the-red-yeti
fab fa-themeco
fab fa-themeisle
fab fa-think-peaks
fab fa-trade-federation
fab fa-trello
fab fa-tripadvisor
fab fa-tumblr
fab fa-tumblr-square
fab fa-twitch
fab fa-twitter
fab fa-twitter-square
fab fa-typo3
fab fa-uber
fab fa-ubuntu
fab fa-uikit
fab fa-umbraco
fab fa-uniregistry
fab fa-untappd
fab fa-ups
fab fa-usb
fab fa-usps
fab fa-ussunnah
fab fa-vaadin
fab fa-viacoin
fab fa-viadeo
fab fa-viadeo-square
fab fa-viber
fab fa-vimeo
fab fa-vimeo-square
fab fa-vimeo-v
fab fa-vine
fab fa-vk
fab fa-vnv
fab fa-vuejs
fab fa-waze
fab fa-weebly
fab fa-weibo
fab fa-weixin
fab fa-whatsapp
fab fa-whatsapp-square
fab fa-whmcs
fab fa-wikipedia-w
fab fa-windows
fab fa-wix
fab fa-wizards-of-the-coast
fab fa-wolf-pack-battalion
fab fa-wordpress
fab fa-wordpress-simple
fab fa-wpbeginner
fab fa-wpexplorer
fab fa-wpforms
fab fa-wpressr
fab fa-xbox
fab fa-xing
fab fa-xing-square
fab fa-y-combinator
fab fa-yahoo
fab fa-yammer
fab fa-yandex
fab fa-yandex-international
fab fa-yarn
fab fa-yelp
fab fa-yoast
fab fa-youtube
fab fa-youtube-square
fab fa-zhihu